A Thought To Consider

We often see paintings or video presentations of events from ancient times,  depicted in forms of dress far different from what ancient information, statues, and drawings portray.  Most people shrug that off as nothing to be concerned about.  Yet, one of the main reasons so many people reject the Bible as an accurate historical document, rests directly on that very problem! Worth considering??? We believe that it's very worthwhile, and gives many answers that are desperately needed in today's world. Thus, we 'Time Travel' back to ancient times, to use modern discoveries to learn and visually  portray the REAL TRUTH of this matter. We hope you will join us as we use custom built settings and models,  along with figurines picturing various periods in history. We will also make use of animations and videos (live sets) to portray each scenario,  so as to make the whole picture more easy to understand. CLIMB ABOARD.... and let's go back in time!!!